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Style keywords

  • Urban

  • Professional

  • Edgy

  • Sophisticated

  • Understated

  • Tasteful (not too sexy for the office)


Inverted triangle with large bust

Celebrities with a similar body type: 

  • Catherine Zeta Jones

  • Laura San Giacomo

Style approach

 Play up the bottom to balance the body. We’re going for visual balance/symmetry and to minimize the bust. 

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  • V, square or cowl neck

  • 3/4, flare, batwing, puff or straight cut sleeve

  • Drop tops, trapeze, empire waist

  • Higher cut arm holes

  • Knits that keep a close line to the body

  • Longer shirts drawing the eye down

  • Custom tailored button up shirts.

Avoid: Tops with built-in volume, big shawl collars, shirts made from shiny materials (satin, silk) that reflect light and draw attention to the bust. Breast pockets and shirts that are 100% cotton (spandex will improve the fit for you)


Any style that will accentuate your bottom and leg line, such as:

  • Patterns and prints

  • Straight, boot cut, boyfriend or baggy trousers or jeans

  • Combat, palazzo, flares, wide legs

  • Embellishment on the back pockets

  • Wide belt loops, side pocket details

  • Slim-fitted waist with gradual flare to create width and balance broad shoulders


  • Shorter length

  • Prints or bright colors

  • Soft A-line with inverted pleats

  • Straight skirts that just about cover the knee

  • Maxi skirts with a waistline

  • Full skirts

Avoid: Longer pencil skirts


  • Minimal and clean at the top

  • Full skirted

  • Drop waist

  • Draped/loose-fitting

  • Shorter shapeless shifts

  • Narrow in the hip and cut at the bias

  • Empire seam

Avoid: Off-the-shoulder necklines and any dress that would cause you to go braless


  • Button below the bustline

  • Fitted, short boxy jackets with two or three buttons

  • Narrow lapel to call less attention to the chest area

  • High armholes — thinner sleeve widths create distinction between the arm and the chest

Avoid: Baggy, untailored jackets


  • Ankle straps, booties or other statement shoes

  • Knee-high boots

  • Heavier or rounder shoes

  • Kitten or wedge heels


  • Long necklaces

  • Bulky handbags that sit at the hips

  • Statement belts

Suggested retailers

Local Premium Retailers

Local Fast Fashion Retailers (ensure you are going with higher quality items)

Online Premium Retailers

Online Vintage Retailers


Below are the outfits we created using your new and existing pieces. Hope this helps with the eternal question of, "what should I wear today?" 

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