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Outfits, April 2016

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Style keywords

  • Vibrant

  • Sophisticated

  • Current

  • Inspires Confidence


Tall hourglass figure. Naturally balanced.

Celebrities with your silhouette: Beyonce, Salma Hayek, Kim Kardashian

Style approach

Control your curves. Play them up or play them down and highlight your midsection. It should be your focal point. Elongate your frame by minimizing your curves.

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July 2015



Colors (Clear cool/Winter) 

Charcoal gray
Deep purple
Bleu de France  
Forest green



  • Tailored shirts or blazers (especially those made for larger busted women)

  • Form fitted tops with darts

  • Cinched, banded or belted blouses

  • V-necks and open necklines

  • Three quarter length sleeves

  • Lower cut armholes- diagonal cut sleeves and flutter sleeves

  • Leave tops untucked to lengthen torso

Avoid: Loose blouses that billow or flare from the bustling. Trapeze tops which add bulk.

To maximize your bustline:

  • Bright and light tops, horizontal stripes and prints, ruffled and pleated blouses, details at the bust, boat, crew and high necklines and asymmetrical tops.


Keep it classy. Your voluptuous figure offers enough sex appeal. 

  • Cropped trousers

  • Slim fit bootleg cuts

  • Wide leg pants that balance out your top half (wear with heels to keep it streamlined)

  • Pant creases lengthen

Avoid: short shorts. Mid calf length pants make legs look thicker.  


  • Pencil skirts

  • Tulip skirts

  • Maxi skirts

  • Hemlines just above to just below the knee are flattering

Avoid: shorter hemlines and gathered raised or pleated skirts which add volume.


  • Wrap dresses

  • Fit and flare styles including A-line

  • Belted options

  • Sheath and tailored cuts

  • Anything that highlights your waist

  • Color blocking with light or bright colors at your waist and darker colors overall

  • Well tailored options

  • Empire waist also lengthens your torso

Avoid: Drop waist and shapeless shifts which create a boxy look. Especially low cut dresses with a shorter skirt. Baggy options.


  • Tailored blazers that button under the bustline

To minimize the bustline: 

  • Solid jackets in neutral or deep colors

  • Vertical or diagonal stripes or details

  • Wrap styles and tailored jackets with darts

  • Deep shawl collars

Avoid: Baggy, untailored jackets


  • As long as you are maintaining balance with your top half, you can wear most shoes

  • You can pull off heavier or rounder shoes as they visually balance a fuller bust

  • If you are wearing an over the knee boot, aim for them to reach the thinnest part of the thigh

  • Calf high boots that are angled at the top are elongating


  • Belts are your best friends. Cinch them around the hips to lengthen your torso or at your waist to show off your midsection.

  • Anything that highlights your midsection: contrasting skinny belts, bold wide belts, scarf at the waist

  • Bold accessories

  • Long necklaces and scarves

  • When your shoes are the same color as your pants and/or hosiery/ skirt- you elongate your frame

Avoid: Accessories that throw off your natural balance. If wearing a bulky scarf, wear attention getting shoes. Delicate jewelry maximizes the bustline. 

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