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Style keywords

  • Feminine

  • Chic

  • Parisian

  • Current

  • Elegant

  • Put-together

  • Urban


Rectangle shape with a larger bust. Your hips and bust are balanced while your waist is not very defined.

Celebrities with your silhouette:

  • Katy Perry

  • Other rectangles with smaller busts: Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman

Style approach

Add dimension to your frame by creating an hourglass silhouette  using patterns and colors. Show off your curves on top and create curves down below.




  • Slim fitting tops

  • Corset type designs

  • Belted tops

  • Cowl necks and draped tops

  • 3/4 length sleeves

  • Flare sleeves (great for narrow hips)

  • Off the shoulder (with proper support)

  • Asymmetrical tops (with proper support)

  • Boatneck, V, U and sweetheart necklines to create a visual V to your waist

  • Embellished tops with shoulder detailing to create curves.

  • Lower cut armholes including diagonal and flutter sleeves

  • Maximize the bustline with: bright and light tops, details at the bust, high necklines, horizontal stripes and prints)

  • Minimize the bustline with: a supportive bra, V, square or cowl necks, vertical or diagonal stripes or details, wrap styles or tailored tops with darts.

Avoid: Square cut tunics which create a boxy effect. Overly baggy tops that make you look bigger on top.

To minimize your stomach:

  • Seams should hit at the outside edge of your shoulder

  • Draping or ruching across the belly

  • At the knee or below will elongate your frame

  • Shapers, bike shorts or tights

  • Peplum

  • Prints

To maximize the bust line:

  • Bright and light tops, horizontal stripes and prints, ruffled and pleated blouses, details at the bust, boat, crew and high necklines and asymmetrical tops.

To minimize the bust line: 

  • Vertical or diagonal stripes or details


  • Pleated and tapered trousers

  • Skinny jeans

  • Bootleg cuts

  • Relaxed wide leg pants

  • Belted options

  • Ankle length pants

  • Pants with detailing or pockets to create curves

  • Flowy shorts

  • Cuffed or cropped pants create curves and minimize height

Avoid: You can wear most any pant. The styles above are your most flattering, but no need to vehemently avoid any styles.

To minimize your stomach:

  • High waisted pants

  • Jeans with a higher rise, wide band and higher in the back.

  • Leggings with spandex to provide shape


  • Belted skirts or those with a clearly defined waist

  • Hemlines at your thigh area show off your legs and are flattering.

  • Hemlines just above to just below the knee are flattering.

  • Bubble hems

  • Tiered designs

  • Trumpet and flared styles

  • Maxi (below the ankle) skirts

Avoid: Short boxy minis, square cut skirts which are shapeless. Ankle length skirts will make you appear shorter.

To minimize your stomach:

  • Draping across the belly

  • Darker colors, less contrast

  • Shapers, bike shorts or tights

  • Peplum styles

  • Wear your skirts higher

  • Wear a belt

  • Wear a full length cami


  • Wrap dresses

  • Halter dresses

  • Lower necklines

  • Fitted shapes with curved elements

  • Dresses that create shape and the illusion of a more defined waistline

  • Body con dresses with patterns or elements that create curves

  • Peplum dresses

  • Tapered tulip designs

  • Large-scale prints help fill out your frame, but keep them proportionate to your size.

  • Horizontal lines, seems or patterns help create curves and minimze height.

Avoid: Boxy shift dresses or baggy options that make you look shapeless.

To minimize your stomach:

  • Seams should hit at the outside edge of your shoulder

  • Draping or ruching across the belly

  • At the knee or below will elongate your frame

  • Shapers, bike shorts or tights

  • Peplum

  • Prints


  • Wrap styles and tailored jackets

  • Belted jackets

  • Jackets with shoulder detailing or deep necklines to create curves

To maximize the bustline:

  • Details at the bust (ruching, bows), high necklines, a flattering bra

To minimize the bustline: 

  • Solid tops or jackets in neutral or deep colors, jackets that button under the bust line, jackets and cardigans with deep shawl collars

Avoid: Baggy, untailored jackets

To minimize your stomach:

  • Seams should hit at the outside edge of your shoulder

  • Draping across the belly or draping at the neck and loose fitting at the waist

  • Peplum style

To minimize the bust line: 

  • Solid jackets in neutral or deep colors

  • Vertical or diagonal stripes or details

  • Wrap styles and tailored jackets with darts

  • Deep shawl collars


  • Narrow, sleek or pointed shoes

  • Ankle straps and booties are great for you

  • If you are wearing an over the knee boot, aim for them to reach the thinnest part of the thigh

  • Calf high boots that are angled at the top are elongating.

  • Nude shoes are elongating as are wearing shoes that are the same color as your pants.

Avoid: Square, overly round or heavy toes that an create a boxy effect. 


  • Cinch belts at your waist to show off your midsection.

  • Anything that highlights your midsection: contrasting skinny belts, bold wide belts, scarf at the waist.

  • Eye catching or heavy shoes.

  • Handbags that hit at your hips will add bulk to your lower half balancing out your frame (clutches that you carry at your hips, cross body or large totes)

  • Delicate (less bulky) scarves at your neck

To Maximize the bust line:

  • Wear a delicate necklace

Current Parisian Style Trends "comfortable chic"

  • Pataugas sneakers in metallic or shiny black

  • Black, grey, white, dark brown tops with skinny dark jeans (no light denim currently)

  • One bold piece of jewelry- big ring, necklace, bracelet.

  • Leather and denim jackets

  • One or two power colors in your wardrobe as accents. Otherwise, neutrals.

Recommended Retailers


Yoox (for Pataugas sneakers metallic or shiny black)

ShopStyle (for Pataugas sneakers metallic or shiny black)



J Crew Outlet


The Limited

Nordstrom Rack (especially for leather) 


Old Navy (especially for layering pieces)

Banana Republic

Tahari Outlet

Wedding dresses