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Style keywords

  • Classic

  • Professional

  • Confident

  • Put Together


Triangle: You have a smaller bust and your shoulders are narrower in proportion to your hips. Sometimes referred to as pear shaped. 

Celebrities with your silhouette: Rihanna, Ginnifer Goodwin & Leighton Meester

Style approach

Balance your frame by drawing attention to your shoulders and neckline. We're going for visual balance/symmetry. 




Go for visual interest on top with vibrant shades, lighter hues and high contrast patterns above your natural waistline.

  • Boat or wide-neck styles

  • Plunging necklines

  • Three quarter length sleeves

  • Bold shoulders or shoulder details

  • Tops with embellishments or ruffles, especially near the shoulders, neckline or bust

  • Flutter, princess or puff sleeves

  • Tops with built in volume, especially at the bust or neckline

  • Tie neck blouses, asymmetrical and high necklines

  • Horizontal stripes

  • Cowl neck or shawl collars

  • Higher cut armholes- puff sleeve or straight cut sleeve

  • Tops that are gathered at the waistline (not the hips)

  • For patterns- stick with vertical stripes or prints that are proportional to your frame and don't overwhelm

Avoid: Tops that add bulk but don't show your waistline.


Accentuate your hips and show off your curves with well tailored pieces. 

  • Flat front bootcut pants

  • Tailored pants with a wide leg/ sailor pants

  • Slightly flared yoga or palazzo pants

  • Wide leg is fine as long as you balance out your frame with heels and a slim fitting top

  • Darker colors, less contrast

  • Wool or denim hold their shape and aren't too clingy

  • Prints that are proportional to your frame

  • Vertical stripes elongate you

  • Wearing the same color pant as your top makes you appear taller, as well

Avoid: Pleats, side pockets or anything that adds volume to hips. Pants that are not well tailored/ poor fit. Pants with wide belts in a contrasting color. Capri or tapered pants. Fabrics that are too clingy. Baggy pants or anything that is not tailored to fit you. 


Accentuate your hips while keeping everything in proportion. 

  • Knee length A-line skirts

  • Full, high- waisted skirts

  • Maxi skirts

  • Just above the knee to just below the knee is flattering

  • Hemlines above the knee are especially flattering

  • Pencil skirts

  • Darker colors, less contrast

Avoid: Bubble skirts, pleated skirts, voluminous skirts or anything that adds volume to your lower, dominant half. Ankle length hems make you look shorter. 


Flirty, feminine dresses look best on you as they flatter your frame.

  • Halter necks

  • Empire waistline

  • Off the shoulder

  • Strapless

  • Fit and flare (a line on bottom)

  • Ruffles, frills, design elements on top

  • Trapeze dresses

  • Boatneck or wide neck, especially with an a line skirt

  • High necklines maximize the bust line

  • Deep plunging necklines elongate

  • Tailored cuts

  • Hemlines above the knee

  • Vertical patterns or monochromatic to elongate

  • Prints are great, just keep them in proportion to your frame

  • Dresses in petite sizes and/or tailored to fit your frame

  • Belted options

Avoid: Drop waist dresses which draw attention to the widest part of your body. Also, tunics that cling to your stomach or hips. Otherwise, tunics can work. 


Well fitting, proportional jackets that draw attention to your top half.

  • Bold shoulders or shoulder details

  • High contrast colors and prints

  • Tailored blazers

  • Statement necklines, fur collars or contrast colors

  • Belted jackets and coats that show your waistline

  • Short jackets or cardigans can be worn with empire waist dresses

  • Deep plunging necklines

  • Prints are great, as long as the size of the print is proportional to your frame

Avoid: Baggy, untailored jackets or jackets that end right at your hips- your widest part.


Appropriate to your frame. 

  • Narrow, pointed or sleek flats

  • Heels are great on you as they elongate your frame

  • Wedges.

Avoid: Heavy shoes with overly rounded toes, square toes or shoes that create a boxy effect overall. 


  • Accessories (handbags, jewelry, etc.) that are proportional to your frame

  • Handbags that hit at your chest or carry larger bags to hit at your knees

  • Scarves, especially bold colors or prints close to your face

  • Statement necklaces or earrings to draw attention to your top half

  • Delicate necklaces maximize the bust line

  • Long necklaces elongate

  • Belts for high waisted skirts or pants or over jackets are great

Avoid: Wide belts with pants in a contrasting color, drawing attention to your widest part. Accessories that overwhelm your frame: extra large sunglasses, prints or handbags. Large handbags that hit at your hips. 


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