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Preliminary Outfits, March 2017

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Style keywords

  • Polished

  • Edgy

  • Sexy

  • Put Together

  • Effortless

  • Avant Garde


Petite rectangle shape. Your hips and bust are balanced but your waist is not very defined.

Celebrities with a petite rectangle silhouette:

  • Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

Celebrities with a rectangle silhouette:

  • Katie Holmes

  • Kerry Washington

  • Nicole Kidman

  • Gwyneth Paltrow

Style approach

Add dimension to your frame and create curves. Show off your slender arms and legs. Ensure that your clothes and accessories are proportional to your frame so that they don't overwhelm you.




  • Corset type designs

  • Belted tops

  • Cowl necks and draped tops

  • Bustier and feminine fits

  • 3/4 length sleeves

  • Flare sleeves

  • Off the shoulder

  • Asymmetrical tops

  • Boatneck, V, U and sweetheart necklines to create a visual V to your waist

  • Embellished or ruffled blouses with shoulder detailing to create curves.

  • Maximize the bustline with: bright and light tops, details at the bust, high necklines, horizontal stripes and prints)

  • For patterns- stick with vertical stripes or prints that are proportional to your frame and don't overwhelm.

Avoid: Square cut tunics which create a boxy effect. Anything this is too large and not tailored to your frame. Extra large prints that overwhelm.

To minimize your hips:

  • Hip length tops especially with high waisted pants or skirts.

To elongate your waist:

  • Empire waist tops

  • Tops without a defined waist

  • Longer tops and tunics

  • Drop waist tops


  • Pleated and tapered trousers

  • Skinny jeans

  • Bootleg cuts

  • Relaxed wide leg pants

  • Belted options

  • Ankle length pants

  • Pants with detailing or pockets to create curves

  • Flowy shorts

  • Cuffed or cropped pants create curves and minimize height

  • Prints that are proportional to your frame

  • Vertical stripes elongate you

  • Wearing the same color pant as your top makes you appear taller, as well.

Avoid: You can wear most any pant. The styles above are your most flattering, but no need to vehemently avoid any styles. Baggy pants or anything that is not tailored to fit you. Ensure the length is correct and have jeans hemmed with the original bottom.

To minimize your hips:

  • Wide leg pants or culottes

  • Darker colors

To elongate your waist:

  • Low rise pants

  • Leave your tops untucked


  • Belted skirts or those with a clearly defined waist

  • Hemlines at your thigh area show off your legs and are flattering.

  • Bubble hems

  • Tiered designs

  • Trumpet and flared styles

  • Maxi skirts

  • Just above the knee to just below the knee is flattering

  • Hemlines above the knee are especially flattering for your petite frame

Avoid: Short boxy minis, square cut skirts which are shapeless. Ankle length hems make you look shorter. Anything that overwhelms your frame like large prints or skirts that are below the knee.

To minimize your hips: 

  • A-line skirts

  • Flowy skirts

  • Darker colors

To elongate your waist:

  • Low rise skirts or wear your skirts lower

  • Opt for longer skirts with heels to give the illusion that your legs are longer


  • Wrap dresses

  • Halter dresses

  • Lower necklines

  • Fitted shapes with curved elements

  • Dresses that create shape and the illusion of a more defined waistline

  • Body con dresses with patterns or elements that create curves

  • Peplum dresses

  • Tapered tulip designs

  • Horizontal lines, seems or patterns help create curves but minimize height.

  • Deep plunging necklines elongate

  • Tailored cuts

  • Hemlines above the knee

  • Vertical patterns or monochromatic to elongate

  • Jumpsuits with shape and feminine details, especially a waist (traditional or empire)

  • Prints are great, just keep them in proportion to your frame.

  • Dresses in petite sizes and/or tailored to fit your frame

Avoid: Boxy shift dresses or baggy options that make you look shapeless. Baggy or oversized options. Maxi dresses or anything with a hemline below the knee is challenging.

To minimize your hips: 

  • A line dresses

  • Jumpsuits with a wide leg

  • Flowy shorts on rompers

To elongate your waist:

  • Drop waist dresses

  • Dresses without a clearly defined waist

  • Jumpsuits without a defined waist or a drop waist jumpsuit


  • Wrap styles and tailored jackets

  • Belted jackets

  • Jackets with shoulder detailing or deep necklines to create curves

  • Avoid: Baggy, untailored jackets

To minimize your hips:

  • Longer jackets that end below your hips

To elongate your waist:

  • Longer jackets to give the illusion that your waist is lower

  • Jackets without a belt


  • Narrow, sleek or pointed shoes

  • Ankle straps and booties are great for you

  • If you are wearing an over the knee boot, aim for them to reach the thinnest part of the thigh

  • Calf high boots that are angled at the top are elongating.

Avoid: Square, overly round or heavy toes that an create a boxy effect. 


  • Clothing and accessories with details that draw the eye- zippers, buckles, various textures, shine, color contrast, etc.

  • Belts are your best friends. Cinch them around the hips to lengthen your torso or at your waist to show off your midsection.

  • Anything that highlights your midsection: contrasting skinny belts, bold wide belts, scarf at the waist.

  • Bold accessories

  • Delicate jewelry maximizes your bustline.

Recommended Retailers 

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Petites available:



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March, 2017 Wishlist.

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March, 2017 Uber Wishlist

March, 2017 Wishlist PDF

March, 2017 Uber Wishlist PDF

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