Sample Client Double Outfits

(7 hours worth of outfits instead of 3.5 hours)

Client: Delight

Style: Elegant, Powerful, Fun

Body type: Petite Diamond

Style Package: Modified Style 360 (Closet Edit, Double Outfit Session)

Career: Attorney at a tech company

Lifestyle: Delight’s days are filled. She’s an attorney at large technology company, a mom, wife and a community activist. She lives in the city with limited closet space and commutes to work via car. She loves clothes and shopping, but really struggles with putting outfits together.

Approach: The outfit session is all about maximizing the number of outfits that she can choose from each day simply by glancing at her phone. Images with more pieces mean effortless packing for travel as all items in any given image work together. Images with fewer pieces mean more straightforward options to make getting dressed simple. All of her new and existing pieces are options to be used in outfit photos. The focus is on creating more images, rather than making sure every image is perfect. It’s easier to identify items when they are your own.

In Delight’s case, she had a sea of beautiful clothes and she wasn’t wearing any of them. In fact, she was wearing the same black pants, a sweater and comfort shoes on most days. She didn’t feel like her best self. Going through her closet confirmed that she really didn’t need anything new. We simply removed the pieces that weren’t serving her and doubled-down on her outfit session. We skipped shopping all together!

In her words:

I've always loved clothes, but hated getting dressed--until I met Mellicia.  I decided to hire Mellicia because I was tired of wading through an overstuffed closet full of clothes--many that I never wore--and I didn't want to buy new clothes but instead wear the items that I already owned.  Mellicia helped me refine my style and use that as a guide to determine what to keep.  After cleaning out my closet she helped me breathe new life into dated pieces by bringing her tailor to my home where Mellicia and the tailor used their expertise to update each piece and ensure that it was modern, reflected my style, and fit properly.  As a busy working mom I appreciated that the tailor then came back to my house and had me try each piece to ensure the proper fit.  This was an amazing service and I loved that I could extend the life of clothing I really liked and was shocked by how much better the clothing fit after it was tailored to me.  And did I mention that I didn't buy one new thing as a result of working with Mellicia?  Mellicia put several outfits together for me in an online catalogue using my existing wardrobe--including shoes and accessories--in combinations that I wouldn't have imagined.  The result is that I feel like I have a brand new wardrobe but didn't spend a dime!  Mellicia is awesome to work with--she is fun, non-judgmental, really interesting, and a trove of information both inside and outside the fashion world!  She will also work with your budget and exerts zero pressure to purchase anything.  Mellicia not only changed my closet, but my life.  I feel lighter since I've cleaned out my closet and every day I love getting dressed to meet the world.  I highly recommend working with Mellicia and my only regret is that I didn't call her sooner!

Questions? Just ask! Otherwise, feel free to take a look at more photos of Delight in her looks.