Poplin client Ashley in her very own clothes. Check out her outfits below. Photo by  Chamonix Browne . Hair and makeup by  Kat St. John.

Poplin client Ashley in her very own clothes. Check out her outfits below. Photo by Chamonix Browne. Hair and makeup by Kat St. John.

Sample Client Outfits

Client: Ashley

Style: Preppie Punk

Body type: Inverted Triangle

Style Package: Amplified 360 (Closet Edit, Uber Wishlist, Outfits, Photo Shoot)

Career: Works at a tech firm in Seattle

Lifestyle: Ashley lives in the city and doesn’t have a car, preferring to commute by foot, transit or ride share. She also travels quite a bit for pleasure, both internationally and within the country. She has an active lifestyle including outdoor sports and attending live music regularly.

Approach: The outfit session is all about maximizing the number of outfits that she can choose from each day simply by glancing at her phone. Images with more pieces mean effortless packing for travel as all items in any given image work together. Images with fewer pieces mean more straightforward options to make getting dressed simple. All of her new and existing pieces are options to be used in outfit photos. The focus is on creating more images, rather than making sure every image is perfect. It’s easier to identify items when they are your own.

In her words:

She studied my shape and listened closely to my preferences and then we went through my closet. It's like I got a sort-of template to work off of for what looks good on me and what doesn't. So now I can shop at a thrift shop, consignment shop, or Nordstrom - anywhere - and know what looks good on me and why. That is life-changing for someone like me that sucks at putting outfits together but who really wants to look polished. I am sooo glad I met her. She didn't judge me, didn't try to get me to buy new clothes I didn't want nor need, and was extremely respectful of my time and my space. She didn't pressure me into spending more money on her "bigger" packages nor into going to fancy boutiques. I love knowing how what specific pieces my closet still needs to feel complete. Friends and family have already noticed my new look and it's only been a few days since Mellicia came into my life. If you are on the fence, just go for it and call her. My closet is now like a beautiful boutique curated just for me. It feels amazing to get dressed now thanks to her.

Questions? Just ask! Otherwise, feel free to take a look at Ashley’s Uber Wishlist, photos and testimonial to get a sense of her experience.